Ginger and lemon syrup إقرأ المزي

  A tablespoon of brown sugar. A tablespoon of instant coffee. Two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa. Six blocks of ice. A quarter cup of whipped cream. Three quarters of a cup of liquid milk. How to prepare Bring the bowl of an electric mixer and put the milk, sugar and cream inside it and mix them well until they are completely mixed. Add cocoa, ice and coffee to the previous mixture and mix all the ingredients well again. Bring suitable cups, put the whipped coffee syrup in them,  decorate them with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, and serve them immediately. Coffee with milk Preparation period five minutes Cooking time Ten minutes Enough for three persons the components A pinch of ground nutmeg. Four tablespoons of whipped cream. A cup and a half of coffee-flavored ice cream. A cup and a half of evaporated milk. One cup of pre-boiled coffee. How to prepare Bring a suitable sized bowl, place the ice cream inside it, and raise it over the fire, making sure that the temperature of th